A Social Love Affair

A Social Love Affair examines ways that social media has permeated our personal relationships by way of pitting two affairs against each other and seeing the games of cat and mouse that ensue in a culture where almost everything is tracked and documented.

It’s scarily grounded in the reality we live in and asks us to look at who we are and what we present since these examples show that we are certainly not the sum of our posts behind our profile pictures.

It’s a film that is relatable, not just for the reasons above, but it also tapped into a paranoid feeling many have in the back of their heads. What do I accept as true from the people I only see through the screen of my phone? And how well do I know the people I think that I know?

The post A Social Love Affair first appeared on RnB .

The post A Social Love Affair appeared first on RnB .