When making R&B or Neo Soul, a good keyboard may be on the priority list, however it is not always necessary.

A decent keyboard replicating a good rhodes or epiano sound will cost from $2,000 and upwards. If you already have a nice keyboard for gigging then fine, however if you are a bedroom producer, then your MIDI controller can be just fine. We can use this to control a VST.

What VST shoud I use?

There are many out there, however I do recommend Lounge Lizard. You not going to get another epiano VST that produces the same authentic rhodes sound. Not only does it produce the sound, you get the organic warmth, the grit, the bark and all the mechanical bumps and clanks you need for this genre of music. Do check out the below video from an example of the sound.

This is just one present I like to play, however to there so many presets setting to alter the sound.

Click below for for information on the VST.

Lounge Lizard

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