DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Notes82 – “Watch The View”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Notes82 and his brand new album titled Watch The View.

Seasoned NY artist and respected MC Notes82 releases his sophomore album titled Watch The View. Known globally for his conscious lyricism, he kicks off the album with lead single “No Justice No Peace”, which depicts the current state of police violence, brutality, and murder.

“My sophomore album “Watch The View” is a creative masterpiece that gives the hip hop listener a timeless feel on top of a jazzy array of sounds that gives a Kanye West College Dropout vibe. “Watch The View” is right on time and this time around the culture will remember the name Notes82.”

The 13-track project transcends listeners through a hypnotic, yet invigorating experience shadowed by piano keys, horns, and striking bass and drums. Notes82 pays homage to East New York, forefathers of Hip Hop, and guts deep with lyrical gems about pressing societal issues and harsh realities. ‘Watch The View’ can be heard on the b-ball courts or with closed-fists leading #BlackLivesMatter protests. The impeccable blend of storytelling, wordplay, and lyricism from Notes82 flows effortlessly over grappling cadences to awaken the senses and evoke change.

Listen to the full project below:

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