Donell Jones Interview: New Music, Songwriting, “Where I Wanna Be” Memories, Legacy

We recently had a chance to catch up with the legendary Donell Jones on Instagram Live for an interview.

The conversation started around his huge collaborative single with Jon B. last year on “Understand”. The song ended up being #1 on our list of the Top 100 R&B Songs of 2019.

Donell then talked about the new music he had been working on as a follow up to his 2013 album “Forever”.

We then took it back to his origins in the music industry, and he talked about his songwriting for other artists like Usher and 702. He then shared the story of how he originally got signed to LaFace after linking up with DJ Eddie F and The Untouchables.

The discussion then turned to reflections of each of the albums Donell Jones has released over the years, from the debut “My Heart”, to “Where I Wanna Be”, to “Life Goes On”, to “Journey of a Gemini”, to “Lyrics”, to “Forever”.

We ended our discussion by talking about how his music has been sampled quite a bit in recent years and some of the younger generation has been showing him respect.

Check out what Donell Jones had to say in the video above!