Exclusive Beats – Custom Production

If you are looking to buy exclusive beats, you can make an offer using online chat. Just mention the beat & the price you have in your budget. Otherwise we also do custom music production for every genre including R&B, Trap, Rap, Gospel, Pop, etc. We can create a new beat, build a beat around your vocals, or make a new beat to replace a beat you don’t have rights to..

Here is how the process works.

  1. You just describe the type of track you want.
  2. We give you a price to produce the beat.
  3. You make a deposit. (Usually half, but varies from person to person)
  4. We produce the track & send it to you for initial review.
  5. You get 2 revisions (You can have multiple changes you may want, but be sure to capture them in your review)
  6. We update the beat according to your requests (remove sounds/add sounds/longer verses/etc)
  7. We send you the updated version (you can use 1 more revision set if you need to)
  8. You pay the rest of your beat balance.
  9. We send you the exclusive beat without any voice-tags on it.

To get started, just use online chat to start the conversation. You can also call using our phone number if you have a custom order for multiple tracks, film/tv production etc. You must still provide production credits to our website on your digital/physical distributions of your songs.

Click Here to view Exclusive License Contract Terms

If you buy custom exclusive production, the above noted license terms apply.

If you buy an existing beat but with exclusive license, it means we stop selling the beat after you’ve purchased it & no one else can buy it. You must give production credit to “www.buy-beats-for-sale.com” on any forms of media that include our beats.