What Is Included in a Non Exclusive Lease?

It means we can continue to sell the beat.You can sell unlimited digital/physical copies of your song & make profit. Click here to view Non-Exclusive License Contract Terms

What Is Included In Exclusive License?

It means we stop selling the beat after you’ve purchased it & no one else can buy it. The beat is removed from our website. You can sell unlimited digital/physical copies of your song & make profit. Click Here to view Exclusive License Contract Terms

What Types of Payments Do We Accept?

You can pay using Paypal, or a credit/debit card as well. Just select that option when paying.

When do you get your beats?

Instant download link after making payment.

Are there voice overs on the downloads?

The beats come full length without any voice overs on them. That is only like that on the site to prevent people from trying to record the beats.

Why is the song so short in the beat player?

The beats come full length when you purchase, usually with 2 or 3 verses and chorus parts. That is only like that on the site to prevent people from trying to use the beats.

What can you do with the beat?

You have the right to make 1 song, distribute it digital & physical copies of your song, & promote it. You must give credit to our to www.buy-beats-for-sale.com when mentioning produced by on your song credits or Youtube videos that have our beats in them. If you are signed to a major deal & plan to use the song commercially, you have to contact via our phone number to work out publishing and/or work for hire copyright options. If you are independent artist using for mixtape, album, digital release etc that is not necessary.

Can you re-sell beats from our site?

Stealing or re-selling beats that are on this site or other properties owned by Buy Beats For Sale is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action. All beats are copy written. The beats are sold as non-exclusive leases & are not “work for hire” music productions. If you need this type of accommodation contact using our phone number

Do we make custom beats?

Yes, use our online chat or phone number to request. We can remake Youtube beats you may have used, or do custom production. We can even build a beat around your vocals.

What if you need more of a certain style?

Let us know, we try to provide a variety of beats, but we can do more of a certain style if requested.