Hey what’s happening? Or shall I say what it is??? This is Blue Johnson and you may know me from such magazines and websites that are enclosed in… ok, never mind about that I’m just happy to announce that I have a new home here at GFM!

Team GFM knows that I make my moves after midnight and as such they have reached out to enlist my help in curating their new “After Dark” series. So without any further delay I wanna get this party started with some new and great sounds and visuals from Simone Bisous. Late last month Simone released her latest project an EP entitled SET and to get us familiar with her sound and style we we have the audio and visual scorcher above “That On That”.

This is one for the late night crawl to set up the late night cuddle. As you listen and watch the story unfold understand that yes she said and did that. Also, remember when you step in the “After Dark” zone that we’re #Grown and sometimes you gotta let someone know what’s on your mind in no uncertain terms.

This is Blue here asking you a serious question: It’s after midnight, what’s on your mind? Let a Bro. know. Also, let a Bro. know how you’re feeling “That On That” from Simone Bisous.