Lamont Dozier Jr. – “Hello It’s Me”

It’s not often that we get a music submission from a legendary songwriter. On “Hello It’s Me” from Lamont Dozier Jr. we not only get an exquisite performance from one third of the legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team (but what I feel is) a tip of the hat from one great songwriter to the other on this classic composition from Todd Rundgren.

Instant Vintage

Lamont Dozier Jr. has brought forth here(to coin a phrase) an instantly vintage performance. Not vintage as in old, no my friends, vintage as in the top shelf. These are the new musical moments that we should look for and cherish – top shelf moments. How does one get to the top shelf? Hard work that is at the intersection of talent. Lamont Dozier’s career is the embodiment of the aforementioned tenet.

Now You Know

When you deal in the exquisite there’s a knowing that comes with the territory. You need to know what to ask for and the value of what you’re asking for. “Hello It’s Me” from Lamont Dozier Jr. has that top shelf musical value that you need to add to your playlist. Remember Grown Folks Music put you on. Press play.

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