Most people may know what an MPC is but what about an MPD? Well an MPC would actually have sounds in the hardware either pre-recorded or sampled. The MPC is known as one of the main tools for Hip Hop through the 90’s and is still popular at present. An MPD on the other hand is simply a MIDI controller which looks like an MPC but has no on-board sounds. The Pads simply trigger notes within a DAW e.g. Ableton Live or FL Studio.


As you can guess, the MPD is the cheaper one, however as long as you are connected to a DAW with sounds, you can do just the same and make Hip Hop or R&B Beats on the MPD.

Making R&B beats on the MPD can be straight forward, especially if you have some matching chord progressions and baselines as per the below video

This mini-pack comes with WAV files. However if you have Ableton Live, you can take advantage of the Drum rack, and also the Ableton .alc file which is similar to a MIDI file containing the drum pattern.

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