music mastering services

Get your song mastered before releasing it publicly. This is one of the biggest mistakes some artist make after putting in a ton of effort into getting the record done. This service is offered at an amazing price to aspiring artist for only $18 per song. Here are some general guidelines that you should know when ordering the mastering service.

Example Songs Mastered: (These are examples of different masters, some with maximum mastering, some with touch up mastering. We offer different “loudness” depending on the dynamics of the file you send to be mastered.)


“Swagg On” – By, Ayemeen, DJ Rilo, TreBeats

 Before Mastering

After Max Mastering


Be sure to read the following FAQ’s and guidelines.

  1. This is not mixing of your song. The individual tracks in your song should have already been mixed professionally to the sound of your liking. This is to master the final output of that mix. Vocal arrangements, eq’s & other effects for your lead vocal or other individual tracks should already have been done.
  2. Make sure there are no effects, plugins, compressors etc on the final mix bus (main out) before exporting your song to send to us.
  3. Provide headroom in your final file if possible, your master fader should be peaking in between -9db and -6db. It should not be hitting 0db and/or peaking above that. That leaves no room for the mastering to be done properly. If you don’t have a choice & cannot access the original song mix, then at a minimum make sure it still sounds great & is not distorted.
  4. Do not expect us to fix a horrible mix. If the mix is horrible, mastering is not going to fix that. Get it mixed well before sending it.
  5. There are no refunds for mastering projects, this is because the price is highly discounted for such an essential service, but if there is truly something wrong with the master, it can be redone. For instance if you want the master a bit less aggressive, or more loud we’ll do it over for no extra charge.

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