Jock kid cheats death and has an epiphany – gravitates to the new heartbreak music of suburbia currently eating the world, where beats and autotune replace the guitar and where demons are exorcised in the cool shade of comedown r’n’b and Eminem at his most shadowed.

Message from Ollie:

“Finding a balance in life and giving the people we love everything we know they deserve can be difficult at times, but through it all you stick by them. You wouldn’t trade the time you’ve spent by their side for anything, because loyalty means never leaving the people you love behind. I wrote this song for everyone who’s in love but also human, who makes mistakes. But also learns & grows. Forever it’s only you & I.”

After a life-threatening car crash, Ollie started recording music as a form of therapy and releasing independently. This lead to fans around the world connecting personally with Ollie’s message, and helping him build an impressive following on streaming and social platforms in a short period of time.

Starting 2019 off with a 3 song EP Titled “Lost”, Ollie landed numerous playlists and features most notably Spotify’s New Music Friday (10x countries) and Chill Hits, Apple Music’s Best of the Week and Breaking R&B, multiple YouTube’s channels amassing millions of plays, plus more placements on Deezer, Amazon and Google Play. With momentum behind him, Ollie brought his music to the live stage touching his fans across Germany, UK, US and Canada.

As this exciting year continued into September, Ollie captured the attention of LA rising star Phora, who invited him to support on a string of sold out shows in major US markets. ”I started writing music as a way to deal with the things that I’ve been through in my life. Somehow writing down a lyric or singing a melody that sounds like how I feel is so comforting.

It makes whatever I’m going through in that moment feel less powerful, almost as if I can control it.” says Ollie, “I wrote this song from my own perspective, as well as a friend of mine who I watched go through a very difficult time, getting these thoughts and stories off my chest has helped me tremendously.” These stories are what lead Ollie to record the emotional single, “Broken Down.”

– Over 100 million Streams
– 570k Monthly Spotify listeners
– 5k Monthlys in San Fran
– New album in 2020 with features including Phora and Scott Storch
– Tour history in US, Germany, UK and Canada
– Major placements and features including
– Spotify (New Music Friday (10x countries), Brand New Chill, Today’s Pop, Northern Bars, Pop All Day, New Music Now, Indie Pop Chillout
– Apple (Best of the Week, Breaking R&B)
– Youtube (Suicide Sheep, SwaggyTracks, Promoting Sounds, Rapstar)
– Amazon (Brand new music, New North)
– Google (Homegrown Hip-Hip)
– Deezer (Brand new music)

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