Open Season, Genocide & Voting in 2020 A Conversation with Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump and Dr. Gin Love Thompson

GrownFolksMusic ® · A Conversation w/Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump & Dr. Gin Love Thompson

As we have entered the final three months to the 2020 Election, Dr. Gin is hosting a series of conversations creating a platform for our modern day leaders in the Civil Rights Movement to inform and inspire as we enter this dire time that will determine the future of our country, and our very lives.

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump is referred to as, “The African American Family Emergency Plan.” Representing the Trayvon Martin family in 2012 he has since been the go to leader and attorney in high profile cases of the deaths of dozens of African Americans plagued by a genocidal system of law, police brutality and murder. He is currently lead attorney for the George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor families.

Attorney Crump is also the bestselling author of Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People released in October 2019. He is included in prestigious lists including The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Lawyers and Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 Most Influential African Americans.

Above all Ben Crump is a national figure of sincerity, integrity with an unshakable dedication to justice, while also serving as an advocate of support to the families of the victims he represents as they publicly mourn in the spotlight of tragedy.

During this riveting conversation Attorney Crump concisely presents the dire need for all to vote democratic up and down the ballot in the 2020 Election or the protests in the streets and the deaths of George Floyd and countless others by police will be in vain, stating never in American history have we had to deal with a President as divisive as Trump.

Dr. Gin Love Thompson is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, author, civil rights activist and racial justice educator. A member of the Trayvon Martin movement and official coalition, Attorney Ben Crump has referred to Dr. Gin as, “an unsung hero of the Trayvon Martin and civil rights movement.” She has also served as lead organizer in additional high profile civil rights cases.

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