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Dropping a sick beat is only one of the many things you need to succeed in the music industry. Yes, the world loves talent, but you have to think about what version of you fits with the trends and how to make sure listeners hear your music. The best rappers are aided by the best technology, crew and brand strategists.

Since you’re only starting, you need all the help you can get. Lucky for you, there are now new technology accessible to rappers and this list to help you navigate the start of your uphill journey in the music industry.

Making music

It’s not surprise an aspiring rap artist struggles with making his music initially because he doesn’t have the tools for it. Being resourceful and creative will be two of your best friends when you’re starting. The third is apps and sites that let you find, mix and record beats your can use for your music. Not everyone starts in an upscale music studio, but even the most successful rappers will tell you that you have to start somewhere.

Here are some apps you can download to help you out. Most of them are super cheap, definitely worth the money you put in them because they have the variety of beats you need.

· Instrumental Rap Beats

· The Art of Rap

· Rap Beats

· AutoRap by Smule

· Soundcloud

· FourTrack

· Nanostudio

· Beat Maker

· Electric Drum Machine/Sampler

Soundcloud is probably the most popular app on that list because a lot of artists, indie and mainstream, have an account and have made music on it. Soundcloud is a free recording and storage app that also gives you mileage because people can listen to your songs should you choose to make them public. FourTrack and Nanostudio are similar to Soundcloud, but a bit more sophisticated, with multitrack recording, faders, meters and the ability to record at CD quality, which is at 16 bit, 44.1 kHz.

The Art of Rap is perhaps that most comprehensive of all the apps on the list because it doesn’t just allow you to record, make your own combination of beats and edit them into a full on rap song, you can also make your own video with it. The rest of the apps on the list either let you make your beats, like Beat Maker, Electric Drum Machine/Sampler, or borrow from rap beats already made, like Rap Beats and AutoRap by Smule. If you’re more into make the lyrics than crafting your own beats, the last two mentioned are definitely the best for you.

Selling your music

Now that you have a better grasp of what apps can help you practice and make your own raps, you now have to think about how to sell your music and your brand to music agents, the masses or both. If you’re going straight to market, meaning you book your own shows or sell your music online, which are now legitimate revenue streams, you need to get to know your market. Who do you want to listen to your rap? That should be in line with the kind of rapper you want to be.

The mistake an aspiring rap artist commonly makes is to appeal to all audiences, which seldom works. Choose a demographic, like an age range or an area, where your rap will sell the most. Make sure it’s in line with the rest of your brand, so you’re memorable.

If you want to work with a management, you need to start getting noticed. Sending recordings to different music agencies is one thing, and you should still do that, but you need to grab their attention and show them that you are someone worth investing in. You can even use your online or local presence as an incentive for them to buy into your rapping career.

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