The Rise of Eve Is the Start Of Women’s History Month We Need

It is the start of Women’s History Month, where we take this time to appreciate the historic accomplishments and amazing opportunities trailblazing women have done for not everyone, especially women. We admire these women for doing the unthinkable so we can follow in their footsteps whether it is protesting for women’s rights or simply striking a conversation about women and their rights/issues. With Vyre Network and RnB Magazine’s movie “The Rise of Eve”. 

This film is important to Women’s History Month because it is honest meaning there are no fictional characters, they’re all real people in a documentary giving their honest, unfiltered opinions about women’s issues while breaking down those issues so those who don’t know can learn about them. We get to see all different types of women (from different backgrounds, races, sexualities, and etc.) speak their minds on issues such as sexism, catcalling, harassment, and domestic abuse (within the news, social media, and personal experiences).  

This documentary not only shows the importance of explaining but listening to women’s stories because we as women can relate and feel seen/heard so we won’t doubt ourselves again when speaking up about abuse/harassment. It also helps people (who aren’t women) see what exactly women go through and acknowledge that our experiences and issues are a sign that we need to change and do better for women everywhere. 

“The Rise of Eve” gives a glimpse into the reality of women. And because of this, we are able to talk about it without feeling guilty or ashamed. We as women can actually use this as an inspiration to help women everywhere and make a change. That is what this film is a great choice for Women’s History Month. 

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The post The Rise of Eve Is the Start Of Women’s History Month We Need first appeared on RnB .

The post The Rise of Eve Is the Start Of Women’s History Month We Need appeared first on RnB .