The SoulBack R&B Podcast: Episode 107 *Brandy/Monica Verzuz Discussion*

We dedicate this #SoulBackPodcast episode to the announcement of Brandy and Monica’s Verzuz battle which is set to take place August 31st. Nothing is cooler than seeing two of our favorite R&B legends coming together to play their beloved hits. On this episode we talk about their catalog, our favorite records from each of them and who we think has the upper hand when it comes to this battle.

0:01:29 – Our initial thoughts on Brandy and Monica doing a Verzuz battle 0:03:41 – Should this be based off hits or entire catalog?0:08:30 – Should they use their new songs to promote their latest projects?0:14:54 – The rules when it comes to using “The Boy Is Mine” during this battle0:19:56 – Ranking Monica’s discography   0:33:00 – Top 3 Monica songs0:36:00 – Ranking Brandy’s discography   0:52:50 – Top 3 Brandy songs0:56:20 – Who will end up winning the Verzuz battle?