The SoulBack R&B Podcast: Episode 109 *Revisiting The Year 2008 In R&B*

On this week of the #SoulBackPodcast, we revisit R&B in 2008 and what was going out during that era of R&B. Names that will pop up during this conversation are Usher, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole. We talk about some of our favorite albums and songs from that year and also discuss some of the sleepers that people may have forgot about. We also discuss the industry during that time and some of the trends were happening during that time.

0:00:25 – Reflecting back on the state of the industry of 20080:01:40 – The impact of T-Pain and Kanye West0:04:34 – Usher’s “Here I Stand” and Mariah Carey’s “E=MC^2” albums and them trying to match the success of their previous albums0:08:42 – Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce” era0:10:58 – Reflecting on Keyshia Cole changing her sound on “A Different Me”0:13:01 – Brandy and John Legend direction change with “Humans” and “Evolver”0:15:40 – Ne-Yo was the King of R&B in 2008 0:17:11 – Looking at debut albums DAY26, Jazmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson and more 0:27:43 – Most anticipated album of 20080:31:50 – The Twitter Thriller of 20080:34:12 – Most slept on albums of 20080:39:15 – Top 3 albums of 2008