The #soulbackpodcast is back with another episode! R&B singer Tank caught wind of our previous episode and had some things to say. We went back and forth with him on Twitter regarding the discussion. Listen to what we have to say about the interaction and what we’ve come to realize from all of this. Along with that we talk about new music from Jhene Aiko, Shawn Stockman, Angelica Villa and Jacquees. We also talk about what about a fan’s expectation should be for Brandy’s career in 2020. We also talk in depth about the career of Jagged Edge and if they’re underappreciated. We also talk about their recent usage of autotune. Lastly we discus whether they should be considered a 90’s or 2000’s group as they had success in both eras.

0:00:30 – Happy birthday Kyle0:02:25 – Our Twitter interaction with Tank over last week’s episode and our go forward plan0:18:05 – Our thoughts on Jhene Aiko’s “Chilombo” 0:22:30 – Our thoughts on Shawn Stockman’s new single “All I Do” 0:25:05 – What should we expect from Brandy’s new song “Baby Mama” with Chance The Rapper?0:32:05 – Jagged Edge defends their autotune usage0:34:35 – Is Jagged Edge considered a 90’s or 2000’s group?0:44:16 – Playa Please Award: Social media jumping to conclusions about Usher’s “Confessions 3” song, Justin Bieber’s tour being downgraded from stadiums to arenas0:49:06 – SoulBack Of The Day: Toni Braxton – Just Be A Man About It